Survival and Resilience: Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, Volume 8, Number 4 released

This issue, themed around Survival and Resilience, was co-edited by Dr. Katie Aubrecht and Dr. Nancy La Monica.

From the Foreword:

"This special issue includes 18 original works that critically examine survival and resilience as socio-political phenomena. The volume of contributions in this issue suggest the complexities of survival and resilience are important current considerations for critical disability studies scholarship and praxis. Drawing on interdisciplinary disability and mad studies perspectives, and a wide range of methodologies, including autoethnography, poetry, photography, art, commentary, as well more traditional academic methods for sociological and social-geographical, genealogical, and geopolitical analysis, these works expose, resist and rupture unexamined relations to difference and adversity."


Complexities of Survival and Resilience
Katie Aubrecht, Nancy La Monica


Do You Know Why You’re Here?
nancy viva davis halifax

Caterpillar; Autumn Leaves; Daffodils; Last Day
Andrea Nicki


Storytelling Beyond the Psychiatric Gaze
Resisting resilience and recovery narratives
Jijian Voronka

Including Our Self In Struggle
Challenging the neo-liberal psycho-system’s subversion of us, our ideas and action
Peter Beresford

Brain Injury Survivors: Impairment, Identity and Neoliberalism
Mark Sherry

Resistance is Resilience
Kevin Healey

Resilience Governance
a good place for disabled people to shape and resist problematic resilience discourses?
Gregor Wolbring, Nicole Mfoafo-M’Carthy

Living with Herbert: Mediating Survival and Resilience
Samira Rajabi

Diaspora: Dislocation and its Resentment, or, the Impossible Dialogue of “Safe Space"
Essya M. Nabbali

“Like Bananas with Brown Spots”
Epilepsy, Embodiment, Vulnerability and Resilience in South Asia
Aparna Nair

Whose Disability (Studies)?
Defetishizing Disablement of the Iranian Survivors of the Iran-Iraq War by (Re)Telling their Resilient Narratives of Survival
Sona Kazemi Hill

Absence and Epidemic
Autism and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in Indigenous populations in Canada
Caleigh Estelle Inman

On Survival and Education: An Academic’s Perspective on Disability
Shad Alshammari

The ‘Nothing But’
University Student Mental Health and the Hidden Curriculum of Academic Success
Katie Albrecht

Designing Access Together: Surviving the Demand for Resilience
Esther Ignagni, Eliza Chandler, Kim Collins, Andy Darby, Kirsty Liddiard

Navigating the Terrain of Dis/Ability
An Autoethnographic Cartography
Susan Docherty-Skippen


Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors; Balancing the World; Underwater Wheeling; Dream of Life; Water of the World
Elaine Stewart


Reimagined Story
Kelly O'Neil


Review of Jameel Hampton (2016), "Disability and the Welfare State in Britain: Changes in Perception and Policy 1948-79"
Fallon Burns

Review of Bonnie Burstow (2017), "The Other Mrs. Smith"
Sona Kazemi Hill

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