Canadian Disability Studies Association fundraising campaign

Support the Canadian Disability Studies Association and Get A Cool "All Bodies Are Good Bodies" T-Shirt.


All sales will directly support current and future bursaries for students (undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate) attending the Canadian Disability Studies Association-Association canadienne d’études sur le handicap (CDSA-ACÉH) annual conference at Congress: . Please note all prices are listed in USD.

Image description: There is a hand-drawn picture of a group of six people with a variety of disabilities and gender identities in the centre of each shirt (left to right: person holding a cane; person wearing noise-cancelling headphones; person who has Down Syndrome; person sitting in a wheelchair; person wearing a hijab and an 'I love ASL' pin; person with a visual impairment using a cane). Above the picture is text that reads, "ALL BODIES ARE GOOD BODIES" and below the picture text reads, "TOUS LES CORPS SONT BEAUX." The back of each shirt has the acronym "CDSA-ACÉH" handwritten centred near the top.

CDSA-ACÉH promotes the exploration of disability through research, publication, artistic production, teaching, and other forms of development related to Disability Studies. Disability Studies is an academic field of study that critically examines issues related to the interplay between disability and various policies, practices, cultural myths, and ideologies.

For more information, please visit the CDSA-ACÉH website: 

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