Schools of Thought: A Provincial Summit on Student Mental at the University of Toronto

Schools of Thought; A Provincial Summit on Student Mental Health

Date: Saturday March 14

Time: 11am-8:30pm

Location: University of Toronto St George Campus

Hosted by the University of Toronto Mental Health Policy Council

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No more months-long waitlists.

No more unnecessary handcuffs.

No more stigma, isolation, and preventable losses.

Students are more than capable of assessing our own needs and the interventions that can be used to meet them. That’s why, on March 14th, members of post-secondary communities from across Ontario are gathering at a mental health summit organized by students, for students.

At a time when meteoric increases in mental illness, isolation, and inadequate services are impacting every single one of our campuses and our lives, we need space — specifically, connective spaces. We need diverse experts to be able to share insights into today’s micro-level “student experience” and province-wide challenges; to build relationships and co-create calls to action that enrich all our communities.

The Program

11 AM: Registration & Lunch

sign in, free local catering, meet new people

12 PM: Introductions

to the summit, one another, and the land

1 PM: Presentations; Q&A Periods

by various student and non-student mental health experts

3:30 PM: Discussions Pt. 1

brainstorm key themes, calls to action, and “next steps”

5 PM: Dinner

free local catering; volunteers will synthesize points thus far

6 PM: Discussions Pt. 2

co-create final draft of our calls to action and next steps (that will be built upon in future advocacy work to come, and can be shared with our communities, institutions, and governments)