Faculty Awareness and Training in the Post-Secondary Community: An Annotated Bibliography


This bibliography was made possible with funding support from the Social Development Partnerships Program of Human Resources Development Canada. It was written and compiled by Neil Faba (University Contact) and Brenda Whaley (College Contact), edited by Frank Smith. Myrtis Fossey communicated with schools in the francophone sector. Chris Gaulin provided project support by promoting the work on the NEADS Web site and preparing a version of this bibliography in HTML format. This book was designed by ALDI Corporate Publishers.

The Association would like to offer its thanks to organizations that served as advisors to the project: the Canadian Association of Disability Service Providers in Post-Secondary Education (CADSPPE) and the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada (LDAC). We would also like to thank individual members of the project advisory group from the NEADS board of directors for their guidance and advice: Jennison Asuncion, Holly Bartlett, Christine Brawley, Ayshe Calisal and Joby Fleming; as well as Jane Drover (CADSPPE) and Claudette Gudbranson (LDAC).