Faculty Awareness and Training in the Post-Secondary Community: An Annotated Bibliography

Cégep de Baie Comeau

Baie Comeau, Québec

"Sensibilisation à la surdité"

Meeting with teaching personnel regarding students with hearing impairments

Cégep de Baie Comeau has developed a faculty awareness plan through a meeting with instructors of students with disabilities before the beginning of the school term. The goal of this meeting, which centers on the needs of students with disabilities currently enrolled in programs, is to raise the awareness of teachers. In this fashion, a "case-by-case" approach is used.

This type of meeting has specific goals including:

  • Introduction to the "service pour personnes handicapées du Cégep de Baie Comeau"
  • Awareness raising about hearing impairments
  • Explaining the role of the sign language interpreter
  • Offering simulations
  • Offering recruitment of note-takers
  • Answering general questions about disability issues

It is important to note that the service is established on a one-to-one basis, with the development of a particular adaptive program for each student. Therefore, awareness-raising at this school is not approached generally with many different types of impairments discussed, but rather dealt with one disability issue at a time.

There is also a basic description of the "service pour les personnes handicapés" available in a pamphlet listing all the services offered to students.

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