Faculty Awareness and Training in the Post-Secondary Community: An Annotated Bibliography

Mount Royal College

Calgary, Alberta

Instructors Guide to Services for Students with Disabilities


Mount Royal College has developed an easy to use faculty guide. This book is comprised of the following sections:

  • Disabilities Services Mission
  • Disabilities Consultant's Role
  • Possible Accommodations and Services
  • Exam Accommodations
  • Eligibility for Accommodations and Services (Conditions 1-6)
  • Disability Services Office Information

The two appendices are sample copies of accommodation information for the professors of a student with a disability in the classroom. The first form is a "Request for Accommodations Memo" from the Learning Skills Centre (LSC) to the instructor. This informs the instructor about the accommodations required by the student and the accommodation procedures outlined by the Learning Skills Centre. The second appendix is a sample of the "Exam Accommodations Instructions Form" which contains questions that the LSC poses to the professor regarding extended time and tools provided to the student for exams.

Mount Royal has developed a student's guide called Student Guide to Disabilities Services. This is the companion to the faculty manual. Both copies are available in online, hardcopy and alternate format documents.

Future plans

Letter from Shan Robertson - October 25, 2000

Projects that we are working on in the future are as follows:

  • Handbook/Web page for faculty addressing teaching strategies that help students with various disabilities.
  • Training program for Educational Assistants (i.e. note-takers and readers for students with disabilities) addressing relationship building, communication skills, reading skills.
  • Training program for students with disabilities who use Educational Assistants (e.g. how to answer essay questions, using a scribe; what to ask and not ask an Educational Assistant to do).

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