Faculty Awareness and Training in the Post-Secondary Community: An Annotated Bibliography

British Columbia Educational Association of Disabled Students

Guidelines for Teaching Students with Disabilities


This guide begins with a brief introduction on the importance of accommodating students with disabilities. Following that is a page on institutional supports that may be available to faculty or students at a post-secondary school, divided into categories dealing with enrollment and registration assistance, testing, physical accessibility, and course adaptations. The next page deals with terms to use with and about people with disabilities, and emphasizes the importance of putting the person before the disability.

The guide then proceeds to discuss specific disabilities and ways for faculty to accommodate students. There are separate sections dealing with students with visual impairments, hearing impairments, students who use wheelchairs, hidden disabilities, learning disabilities, head injuries, neurological disabilities, mental health disabilities, and developmental disabilities.

Each section begins with some background into the disability. Then, there is a section on general points to consider when dealing with someone with the disability (i.e., how to talk with and offer help to people with the disability). Following that is a section on teaching considerations specific to the disability. Finally, there is a bibliography of sources used, which could be helpful for faculty looking for additional hints.

While the sections on certain disabilities (those discussing hearing impairments and learning disabilities) are more detailed than others, all offer good information on the disability and the ways an instructor might accommodate students inside and outside of the classroom.

The 32-page guide was produced in 1994, with funding from the Centre for Curriculum and Professional Development, and the Province of British Columbia's Ministry of Skills, Training and Labour. While the British Columbia Educational Association of Disabled Students is no longer an active group, the guide can be ordered from the Open Learning Agency.

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