Faculty Awareness and Training in the Post-Secondary Community: An Annotated Bibliography

Mount Allison University/Learning Disabilities Association of Canada

Sackville, New Brunswick

Introducing Learning Disabilities to Post-Secondary Educators (1996)

An in-service training program

This 56-page resource book is an in-service training program that has been developed to benefit instructors and counselors at post-secondary institutions who may have students with learning disabilities in their classrooms. It is a series of pre-planned workshops that discuss the nature and characteristics of learning disabilities, learning problems, specific academic deficits, social/emotional problems, career-related effects, learning styles and classroom climate. Each workshop is broken up into the following sections: philosophy and objective, materials needed, time required, key terms and possible discussions, and activities in which faculty can participate that will give them greater insight into the life of a person with a learning disability. The book stresses the importance of teaching using more than one instructional method (auditory, visual, tactile, etc.). One of the strongest features of the program is the overheads and handouts that are concise, clearly laid out and easy to read. They make effective use of charts and graphs. The publications are available in both French and English.

The Meighen Centre for Learning Assistance and Research at Mount Allison University produced this excellent publication in partnership with the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada. The project was funded by Human Resources Development Canada.

Learning Disabilities in the Classroom Handbook for Post-Secondary Instructors (1996)

This handbook was created as a guide for instructors at the post-secondary level who have students with learning disabilities in their classrooms. This book creates awareness of learning disabilities and shows how specific strategies and tools can help the student work effectively.

A student forum was held in Sackville, New Brunswick, during which students shared their experiences and expertise on living with a learning disability. The students suggested that the book should be set up in a way that was user-friendly for students with learning disabilities. It should also show faculty different methods that are helpful for all learning styles (i.e. use of bullets, maps, charts, different fonts, materials presented in small, clear chunks, Q&A sections; along with personal case histories of students with a LD).

This book reviews the nature and characteristics of a student with learning disabilities and attempts to create awareness of LDs in the classroom. Disclosure, confidentiality, self-advocacy, assessments and the right to education are discussed. This book demonstrates strategies that will help with time orientation, organization, teaching, learning, and evaluation. The largest section focuses on teaching strategies and tools. There is also a reference chapter of resources on the Internet, disability association contact information, videos and books. A glossary of terms and a bibliography of other relevant publications are assets to the reader.

The Meighen Centre for Learning Assistance and Research at Mount Allison University produced this excellent publication in partnership with the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada. The project was funded by Human Resources Development Canada.

Memo to all Mount Allison staff from the Meighen Centre

A Faculty Memo from the Meighen Centre is given out to all teaching faculty in September of each year. A copy of the letter for the 2000-2001 year is included:

The Meighen Centre
Room G-20 Avard Dixon
Mount Allison University
Sackville, N.B. E4L 1A7
Phone: (506) 364-2527 Fax: (506) 364-2625

To: All Faculty
From: Jane Drover, Coordinator
Re: The Meighen Centre and students with Learning Disabilities

In May 2000, the Senate of Mount Allison University passed a Policy on Students with Disabilities. This policy may be viewed at: The policy speaks to the responsibilities of the University towards students with disabilities as well as to the responsibilities of students with disabilities.

Since September 1998, The Meighen Centre has been providing services to students at Mount Allison University who have learning disabilities and to the faculty members who teach them. This coming year over 50 students will receive assistance from the Centre.

**Professional documentation of learning disability is required by the Centre before a student may receive services. **

Support Services to Students include:

  • academic advising / orientation to university.
  • assessment and diagnosis of learning disabilities.
  • assistance with writing skills, time management, note taking, and test preparation.
  • peer tutoring.
  • assistance with self-advocacy skills.
  • provision of test and exam accommodations as needed.

Support Services to Faculty members who teach students with a learning disability include:

  • provision of a test taking service to assist faculty in providing testing accommodations to students with learning disabilities who are in their classes.
  • consultation with faculty who require information or assistance when working with a student with a learning disability.
  • professional development (in-service training) sessions on a Department level, by request.
  • provision of a Faculty Handbook re: learning disabilities and the Meighen Centre, available by request.

It is the responsibility of students who require testing accommodations to obtain a Test/Exam Authorization Form from the Meighen Centre and have it signed by their professor. This procedure confirms that the request is legitimate and gives faculty and the Centre advance notice of the accommodation required. Accommodations that may be requested include:

  • additional time to write the test.
  • a quiet room in which to write.
  • use of a computer to write the test.
  • use of a calculator.
  • a reader.
  • a scribe.

It is the responsibility of professors to drop off a copy of their test or exam to the Centre in advance of the test date. The Centre will then return the test to the Departmental Offices within 2-3 days. Professors who need their papers sooner may pick them up from the Centre.

Staff at the Meighen Centre for the 2000-2001 academic year are:
Dr. Lex Wilson Director 364-2525
Jane Drover Coordinator 364-2527
Lynne Owen Learning Assistant 364-2604

I hope this information will be useful to you and that you will contact me if I can help in any way.

Jane Drover, M.Ed.
Coordinator/ Learning Specialist

Jane Drover
Coordinator/ Learning Specialist
Mount Allison University
The Meighen Centre
144 Main Street
Suite G17, Avard Dixon Building
Sackville, New Brunswick E4L 1A7
Phone: 506-364-2527
Fax: 506-364-2625
Web site: