Faculty Awareness and Training in the Post-Secondary Community: An Annotated Bibliography

Saint Francis Xavier University

Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Online Documents

The Saint Francis Xavier Web site features a series of short documents, mostly concerning learning disabilities.

The article Suggested Academic Adjustments highlights accommodation suggestions culled from articles on learning disabilities. The focus is mostly on test and assignment considerations for accommodating students with learning disabilities, but many are applicable to other disabilities as well.

Disability Awareness Tips promotes treating students with disabilities as any other student, equal and 'normal'. It also lists some tips on how to speak to a person with a disability, and what to say and not to say.

The Learning Disabled Student at University - Information for Professors provides a definition of learning disabilities, as well as some of the general personal characteristics that may be present in a student with a learning disability. A brief discussion of the oral, written, math and memorization problems students with learning disabilities often face concludes the article.

Accommodation Suggestions provides in-class, assignment and test/exam tips on responding to the needs of the learning disabled student. Again, many of these tips can be applied to students with other disabilities.

These documents provide valuable, concise information on learning disabilities, as well as some general accommodation suggestions that could be applied to students with other disabilities.

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