Making Extra-Curricular Activities Inclusive

Off-Campus Activities

“There's No accessible transportation to get me there.”
- Student
College, Ontario

Many extra-curricular activities are held off-campus. It is necessary to consider the needs of students with disabilities when planning off-campus events as the site may be less accessible than campus locations.

Some questions you should consider are:

  • Is accessible transportation available to and from the event for students with mobility impairments?
  • Are the off-campus facilities (including washrooms) accessible?

Event planners should take these issues into consideration when planning an event at an off-campus location. Campus planners should ensure that accessible transportation is available for any students who may require it. Wheelchair users and other individuals with mobility issues may not be able to make use of traditional transportation, and campus programmers should be prepared to offer alternate options for getting to the event. There should be a procedure set up so that students can request specialized transportation.

When booking a location, ask if it has ramps, elevators, and enough space for a wheelchair user to move around easily. Also check to see that the washrooms are wheelchair accessible.

It is also important to keep students who are visually impaired in mind. Individuals who are visually impaired may have difficulty moving around in buildings that are not well lit. Check to see that any stairs have good lighting.

Also ensure that hearing impaired students will get the full benefit of the event. Depending on the activity, sign language interpreters may be necessary. When advertising the event, make it clear that interpretation can/will be provided.

Practical Tips:

  • Plan accessible transportation and a way that students can request it
  • Check to see that the location is accessible for students in wheelchairs and visually impaired individuals
  • Provide sign language interpreters if necessary
  • Advertise that the off-campus event is accessible for everyone