Employment Connections: A Transition Tool Kit for Youth with Disabilities

Career Edge/Ability Edge

Career Edge is a national non-profit organization whose aim is to increase opportunities for youth employment in Canada. The program is aimed at high school, college and university graduates who lack career-related experience. Since its inception, Career Edge has placed over 5000 youth into internships, and has 335 organizations participating.

Participants have the opportunity for six, nine or 12-month internships, to build skills and experience needed for future employment. Career Edge interns are paid $1500 a month for the duration of their internship, and also receive coaching and mentoring from an experienced employee within their host organization, and the opportunity to network with people in their chosen industry.

Ability Edge is run by the Career Edge organization, and is geared towards providing internships to youth with disabilities. Ability Edge internships are offered for the same lengths of time as the Career Edge placements, and interns under the Ability Edge program are also paid $1500 a month for the duration of their internships. Disability accommodation assessments are available for Ability Edge internships. Currently, the Ability Edge program is operating in six cities: Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, Vancouver and Calgary.

Interested youth should register on the Career Edge/Ability Edge Web site, view the available internships, and follow the application process for any placements they might be interested in. For more information or to register, visit

Career Edge/Ability Edge
181 Bay Street, Suite 2400
P.O. Box 783
Toronto, ON
M5J 2T3
Toll free: 1-888-507-3343