NEADS Board Selects Its Executive and Advisors

During the most recent meeting of the NEADS board of directors on the first weekend of May in Ottawa, board members elected the executive directors. For 2001-2002 members of the executive are: Joby Fleming, President (Newfoundland Rep.); Sanjeet Singh, Vice-President Internal (Open Rep.); Susan Vida, Vice-President External (Quebec Rep.); MaryAnne Duchesne, Secretary/Treasurer (Territories Rep.). Jennison Asuncion, outgoing Vice-President Internal, was appointed Advisor to the Board.

Board members also named NEADS representatives on important advisory groups and committees. Susan Vida will once again represent NEADS on the national council of the Council of Canadians With Disabilities. Catherine MacKinnon, Ontario Representative, is the new representative to the National Advisory Group on Student Financial Assistance (Human Resources Development Canada). Liaison positions were created to work with the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) and its Students With Disabilities Constituency Group. The CFS representatives are Joby Fleming and Rachael MacDonald (British Columbia Rep.).