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Employability Assistance for People with Disabilities

In Alberta the EAPD program is used to supplement federal and provincial student loans programs (see below). Support from EAPD will be made available when resources for the student loans program are not sufficient to meet disability-related expenses. A pamphlet from the provincial government explains the system in this way:

"Post-secondary learners (with disabilities) may be eligible to receive federal and provincial loan-based assistance to cover education and living costs. Also through the Canada and Alberta Student Loan programs disabled post-secondary students may be eligible for grants to cover assistive services and devices as well as disability related accommodation and transportation costs - Learners who have a disability may be eligible to receive grants to cover the cost of assistive services (e.g., interpreters, note-takers) and assistive devices (e.g., specialized equipment)."
Source: "Programs and Services for Albertan's with Disabilities," Alberta Department of Career Development.

Services are given to eligible applicants on an as needed basis. No waiting lists were reported to the researchers of this project. For further information contact the local Alberta Career Development Centre or Canada Alberta Service Centre.

Student Loans Program

Canada Student Loans, provincial student loans and grants are available to Alberta students. The maximum loan limits have increased to $10,700 per academic year. This maximum includes combined Alberta Student Loans and Canada Student Loans. Any student qualifying for grants or government bursaries may receive those as well as the loan maximum. Dependent students who must move away from home to study may be eligible for up to $12,100 per academic year. Disadvantaged Albertans eligible for maintenance grants may receive up to $16,100 per academic year. High need students with dependants may receive a maximum of $3,000 per loan year under the Canada Study Grant Program. Students with high needs may receive a maximum of $1,500 in lieu of loans under the Alberta Opportunities Bursary. Northern Alberta residents may receive a maximum of $1,500 under the Northern Student Supplement program. In addition, students may qualify for up to $4,000 in Millennium Scholarships. The following features are available in Alberta:

  • Canada Student Loans - Up to 60% of a student's eligibility to a maximum of $165, per week of study.
  • Provincial Loans - Issued as a supplement to the Canada Student Loans Program. Maximum loans under both programs cannot exceed $10,100 per academic year.
  • Maintenance Grants - Up to $6,000 per academic year provided to disadvantaged individuals, primarily single parents.
  • Remission - A deferred grant paid after graduation, which is intended to control debt. Remission is no longer paid on Canada Student Loans, and is not paid to students owing less than $10,000 after two years of study at the college level, or $20,000 after four years of study at the university level.
  • Canada Study Grants - Up to $5,000 for a twelvemonth period of study is available for disabled students to assist with disability related costs. Funding is cost shared between the federal and provincial government.
  • Part Time Loan and Grant Assistance - For post-secondary study, up to $600 per semester in grant funding and up to a maximum of $4,000 in part-time Canada Student Loan funding for students who are studying on a part-time basis.
  • Skills Development Program - The Skills Development Program helps financially disadvantaged clients in need of basic education or the short term skills training necessary for employment. The program is also available to assist apprentices who demonstrate financial need to attend formal training. The program provides up to $16,100 per academic year for full-time study and up to $600 per semester, or $1,800 per academic year, for part-time study.

For more information contact:

Student Funding Contact Centre
Tel.: 780-427-3722 (Edmonton)
Toll-free: 1-800-222-6485 (in Canada)

Alberta Heritage Scholarship Fund

To stimulate the pursuit of excellence by recognizing outstanding achievement and by encouraging and assisting Albertan's to achieve their fullest potential whether intellectual, cultural, social or physical.

The Fund supports over 40 scholarship programs ranging from the recognition of academic excellence at the high school, undergraduate and graduate levels to excellence in athletic, artistic, leadership, citizenship, business and career development activities. It is offered through the Alberta Heritage Scholarship Fund office. The Students Finance Board also provides three additional grant programs for: educating for employment in northern Alberta; on-the-job and short course training for the motion picture industry; and recognizing the achievement of adult learners.

For more information contact:

Alberta Heritage Scholarship Fund
Learner Assistance Division
9th Floor, 9940 - 106 Street
Box 28000, Station Main
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4R4
Tel: 780-427-8640
Fax: 780-427-1288
Web Site: