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The Active Living Alliance for Canadians with Disabilities Graduate Student Research Award

The Active Living Alliance promotes active lifestyles for Canadians with disabilities. The Alliance supports the efforts of graduate students conducting research that encourages themes of physically active lifestyles among Canadians with disabilities.

The winner of this award will be sponsored to present the findings of their research at the National Alliance Forum and a formal presentation will be made to the recipient at that time. The award includes travel costs to and from the forum, a waiver of conference registration fees, and shared accommodation.

Students currently enrolled in a graduate level program at a Canadian university are eligible to apply. The applicant must be the principal author of the submitted paper.

The research must exemplify the vision, mission, and the goals of the Alliance. In addition, the research project must relate to disability and sport, recreation and leisure, physical education, or the physically active lifestyles of Canadians with disabilities.

Research projects are not eligible under three conditions: 1) if they have been previously published or presented at a conference or symposium; 2) if the research is eligible for travel funds through other funding sources; 3) if the applicant is a previous winner of the award.

Applications will be judged on the basis of compliance with the overall eligibility criteria, availability to be present at the Forum, strength of the application and the strength of the research project. The application deadline is March 1 st each year. For more information or to obtain an application contact the Active Living Alliance for Canadians with Disabilities, 1101 Prince of Wales Drive, Suite 230, Ottawa Ontario, K2C 3W7 or call 1-800-771-0663, or (613) 723-8710, Email: