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The Dr. John Davis Burton Award

Awarded annually, when merited, on the recommendation of the Assistant Director (Special Needs), Counselling and Student Life Services at Carleton University, assisted by a Selection Committee, to a student in good standing attending either Carleton University, University of Ottawa, La Cité Collègiale, or Algonquin College, who has made a significant contribution toward awareness, equality and integration of persons with disabilities within his/her educational community. Established by students, family and friends in memory of Dr. John Davis Burton who was a champion and advocate for persons with disabilities throughout his career as an educator. This award was endowed in 1992. The recipient of the award is chosen by a Selection Committee, which consists of administrative representatives from each of the area's post-secondary institutions. The Committee also includes a student member from each participating school, with preference given to representatives from student government "whose portfolio contains disability issues." The value for this award varies. The application deadline is March 31st each year. The applicant may be a full or part-time student, or a special student (in good standing); attending one of the four participating schools; and be able to demonstrate a commitment to issues affecting students with disabilities. When presenting the Dr. John Davis Burton Award, preference is first given to a student with a learning disability, second to a student with another disability, third to any student in good standing with the necessary qualifications.
Value: $1500

Disabled Student Bursary Fund

This bursary was endowed in 1988 by the donor, Joy Maclaren. It is available to any student with a disability who demonstrates financial need. The value of the Disabled Student Bursary Fund varies. The University also offers the Harold Lithwick Memorial Scholarship. One scholarship is awarded each year. In order to be eligible, applicants must have completed three credits towards a degree. The application deadline is April 30th.

Paul Menton Memorial Bursary

Awarded annually to a physically disabled student, in good academic standing, who is proceeding from one year to another of an undergraduate program and is in need of financial assistance.

Lakshman Murthy Nagpur Memorial Bursary

Awarded annually to disabled students who are in need of financial assistance.

John Teuscher Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded once a year to a Carleton University student with a learning disability who is proceeding from one year to another. Eligible candidates must also show involvement in student life on campus and be a Canadian citizen at the time of application. The award is not grade-dependent and although it is available to students in any program or year of study, preferernce will be given to a student enrolled in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The deadline for application is July 31st each year. Nominations are accepted at the Paul Menton Centre. The recipient of the John Teuscher Memorial Scholarhship will receive an award of approximately $1,000.

Canadian Council of the Blind Pledges $ 1 Million to Create Bursary Fund at Carleton University

In an unprecedented commitment, The Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB) is pledging $1 million to the establishment of a bursary fund for blind or visually impaired students at Carleton University.

The first installment of $25,000 will be awarded annually to students starting in the 2005/2006 academic year. Canadian students will be eligible to apply for the CCB bursary support if they are registered with the Paul Menton Centre, are of good academic standing, and meet criteria identified in the Awards and Scholarship guide.

“We look forward to presenting this award to one student or sharing it among several students to help them support their post-secondary education whether for adaptive technology, living assistance or tuition costs.” said Dennis Finucan, the director from Ontario on the CCB national board.

“This bursary fund is our way of making a significant difference in the life of blind or sight impaired students who want a university education but need financial assistance to make it happen.” noted Finucan. “Carleton University has a remarkable resource available to blind or sight impaired students through the Paul Menton Centre and we are committed to working with them to grow the financial support we can offer blind students. Officials at Carleton have been extremely efficient and co-operative to make this bursary happen.”

“The CCB bursary fund is a unique and significant gift for sight impaired students. We are grateful to CCB and its Board.” said Larry McCloskey, Director of the Paul Menton Centre. “We work with students to provide educational and support services with one–on–one learning support, note taking, and loans of adaptive equipment. We also help facilitate faculty/student meetings. We want our students to succeed, so we are there by their side to support their learning. The CCB bursary complements that approach.” concluded Mr. McCloskey.

The CCB was founded by blind war veterans and celebrated its 60th anniversary last June. With provincial divisions and chapters across Canada and a national office in Ottawa, all directors of the CCB are blind or visually impaired. The bursary program also extends to the local level with an award of $500 by each chapter to area blind high school students. In the next few weeks, the CCB will be announcing a series of programs for the blind community including training, skills and employment, national legal assistance, sports and recreation, chapter assistance and peer support. The Paul Menton Centre will be opening a Canadian Council of the Blind chapter on campus in September 2005.

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