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June Opie Fellowship

The closing date for 2005 applications is November 1st:

The award, with an approximate value $12,000 (NZD), is available to citizens and permanent residents of Australia, Canada and New Zealand, is designed as an incentive for students of high academic achievement who have a severe disability. It is intended for those who plan to undertake graduate study with a view to preparing themselves for a role in the professions, in politics, or more particularly, in university teaching and research and who have disability issues as a continuing interest. The award is made to enable the recipient to secure such assistance, by travel, by the preparation of computer software, or by other means as will facilitate effective study and preparation for the future.

This is the first Fellowship of its kind in the world and its principal purpose is the pursuit of excellence. New Zealand, Australia and Canada were selected as the countries on which to focus initially in search of recipients.

Application forms and full Regulations for the Fellowship are available from either of the universities named at the bottom of the page, or
The University of Auckland, Scholarships Office,
Room 012, Ground Floor, Clock Tower, 22 Princes Street
(or PO Box 92019), Auckland, New Zealand

Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, British Colombia, V5A 1S6
Tel: (604) 291-5411
Fax: (604) 291-3080

The University of New South Wales
Sydney, New South Wales, 2052
Tel: (612) 93852339
Fax: (612) 93851016