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MuchMoreMusic AccessAbility Scholarship

As part of CHUM Televisionís commitment to encouraging participation by persons with disabilities in Canadian broadcasting, MuchMoreMusic is proud to offer the annual MuchMoreMusic AccessAbility Scholarship. Awarded in partnership with the National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS), this scholarship will be given to the individual who best demonstrates skill, talent, excellence and enthusiasm in pursuing a future in the broadcast industry.


One (1) scholarship of $5,000 CDN for post-secondary studies in the field of broadcasting.* (Payable directly to an accredited educational institution upon receipt of proof of enrollment.)

Applicants must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada
  • Have a permanent disability**
  • Be entering any year of full-time studies*** at an accredited Canadian post-secondary institution in the field of broadcasting

Selection of Scholarship Recipient:

  • One (1) scholarship finalist will be selected as the scholarship recipient by MuchMoreMusic in conjunction with NEADS.
  • Criteria considered include, but are not limited to: proven and potential ability, dedication and talent.

Application Procedures

  • Postmarked application packages must be sent to NEADS, MuchMoreMusic AccessAbility Scholarship Committee, on or before November 1, 2006. Please note: Incomplete application materials or application materials sent after November 1, 2006 will not be considered.
  • An application package must contain:
    • The completed application form;
    • Proof of disability in any of the following forms: medical certificate, documentation showing receipt of federal and/or provincial disability assistance, or a letter confirming the disability from an official from a college or university centre for students with disabilities
    • Two (2) letters of reference from non-family members. Include the following info: Name, Title, Organization, Phone number and email address
    • A maximum of 3 pages and / or five (5) minutes of additional written or recorded materials which demonstrate why the applicant is worthy of the scholarship. These may include, but are not limited to, a letter from the applicant, transcript(s), resume, creative work (published article(s), design work, audio-visual projects such as short film, documentary, animation, etc).
    • Please note: Application materials will not be returned to applicants.

Send your application package to:

MuchMoreMusic AccessAbility Scholarship Committee
c/o Frank Smith, National Co-ordinator

By mail:
Rm. 426 Unicentre
1125 Colonel By Drive
Carleton University
Ottawa, Ontario
K1S 5B6
By fax: (613) 520-3704 (attention Frank Smith)
By e-mail:

* The field of broadcasting may include but is not limited to Mass Communications, Media Arts, Broadcast Communications, New Media Studies, Radio and Television Production, Video Production, Journalism, and Design. Other programs must be approved by MuchMoreMusic.

** A permanent disability is a functional limitation that is caused by a physical, sensory, learning or mental impairment that restricts oneís ability to perform the daily activities necessary to participate in studies at a post-secondary level, and that is expected to remain with one for oneís expected life.

*** A person with a permanent disability is considered to be a full-time student if s/he is taking at least 40% of a full course load.