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Federal Programs for Students

Youth Employment Strategy

The Federal government has a Youth Employment Strategy that is monitored and coordinated through the Youth Initiatives Directorate of Human Resources Development Canada. The Youth Employment Strategy is comprised of the following five components:

Youth Information and Awareness These initiatives provide support for third party organizations that develop activities and raise awareness on subjects directly related to youth employment in their communities.

Youth Internship Canada Helps youth who lack work experience gain professional skills that will enable them to compete in the knowledgebased economy. This program provides funding to organizations that set up these work experiences.

Youth Service Canada Provides funding to organizations that create community service projects for youth.

Youth International Provides funding to organizations that set up work experiences on an international scale for unemployed or underemployed youth. (Other federal government international internship programs under the Youth Employment Strategy are available through: Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canadian International Development Agency, Environment Canada, Canadian Heritage, Industry Canada.)

Student Summer Job Action Prepares students for future entry into the labour market. There are four components to this program: Summer Career Placements, Student Business Loans, Partners in Promoting Summer Employment, and HRDC offices for students.