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Learning Disabilities Association of Canada Scholarships

Two scholarships offered by the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada (LDAC) are the Doreen Kronick Scholarship and the Carol Thompson Memorial Fund Scholarship. Both are available to postsecondary students with learning disabilities who are enrolled in full-time or part-time study programs.

The Carol Thompson Memorial Fund Scholarship is worth $1,000. Applicants must submit with their application: a letter of acceptance from the university or college they will be attending; three letters of reference from non-relatives, relevant to the scholarship application (one letter must be from the school, a teacher or psychotherapist, stating the applicant has a diagnosed learning disability, and discussing the services the individual has been receiving as result); and a letter containing a description of the applicantís learning disability, an outline of those coping skills and strategies which have been developed to compensate for the learning disability, the individualís involvement in the community as a volunteer and the applicantís future goals.

The Doreen Kronick Scholarship (DKS), worth $500, may be awarded to a person who is pursuing a program of graduate study in a university that will assist learning disabled students. Unlike the Carol Thomson Memorial Scholarship, the DKS applicants need not have a learning disability. Applications are reviewed according to the following criteria: the studentís future educational program leading towards assisting persons with learning disabilities; the submission of a satisfactory academic record; the studentís contribution to his or her community and to campus life.

To apply for these awards, you must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant. Recipients are not be eligible to reapply for three years. The deadline for receipt of applications is May 15 each year. For more information contact:

Learning Disabilities Association of Canada
323 Chapel Street, Suite 200
Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 7Z2
Tel: (613) 238-5721
Fax: (613) 235-5391
Email: information@ldac-taac.ca
Web site: www.ldac-taac.ca