High School Transition

Funding and Scholarship Programs

British Columbia Employability Assistance for People with Disabilities (EAPD)

Presently, the resources available through the EAPD program in British Columbia are used to support the activities of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS), among other things. VRS is a unit of the Province’s Ministry of Social Development and Economic Security. EAPD, through the VRS Program, can be used to pay for costs associated with postsecondary education, including tuition, books and adaptive technology.

Funding eligibility is determined by a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and must be part of a vocational plan that will result in the acquisition of entry-level employment skills. Those interested in the program should expect a delay of at least one-month before an initial meeting with a VRS counselor.

For more information, students can either contact the financial aid office at their school, or speak with the disability services coordinator.