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Alberta Employability Assistance for People with Disabilities (EAPD)

In Alberta, the EAPD program is used to supplement federal and provincial student loans programs. Support from EAPD will be made available when resources for the student loans program are not sufficient to meet disability-related expenses. A pamphlet from the provincial government explains the system in this way:

“Post-secondary learners (with disabilities) may be eligible to receive federal and provincial loan-based assistance to cover education and living costs. Also, through the Canada and Alberta Student Loan programs, disabled post-secondary students may be eligible for grants to cover assistive services and devices as well as disability related accommodation and transportation costs. Learners who have a disability may be eligible to receive grants to cover the cost of assistive services (e.g., interpreters, note-takers) and assistive devices (e.g., specialized equipment).”

Source: “Programs and Services for Albertan’s with Disabilities,” Alberta Department of Career Development.

Grants are given to eligible applicants on an as-needed basis. No waiting lists were reported at the time of this research.

For further information, contact your local Alberta Career Development Centre or Canada Alberta Service Centre.