High School Transition

Funding and Scholarship Programs

Yukon Student Loans

The Yukon Department of Education administers the Student Loans Program, which includes funding under the Canada Study Grants for students with disabilities.

The department also administers the Yukon Grant, which supports postsecondary education. There are high school and/or residency requirements for obtaining the grant, which is provided for up to 5 years combined with the Student Training Allowance.

The Student Training Allowance is available for Yukon residents, to provide support for courses at Yukon College or other approved training courses. Individuals are paid $84 per week or higher, depending on the number of dependents the student may have, up to a maximum of four dependents. It is worth noting that there are no special funds for students with disabilities in this program, although students with disabilities may apply.

Finally, the Yukon Social Assistance program provides support for individuals attending a training or upgrading course, for a maximum of one academic year. The school allowance is $50 per month, on top of the regular social assistance benefits. It is important to note that people with disabilities may receive special benefits to cover medical and rehabilitation costs as part of their Social Assistance benefits.

Student Financial Assistance
Advanced Education Branch
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