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Canadian Association of the Deaf

This organization was founded in 1940 as the Inter-Provincial Association of the Deaf, and was federally incorporated as the Canadian Association of the Deaf in 1948. The CAD works to promote equality for deaf Canadians, and to improve education and employment opportunities. The Association offers advocacy and research projects and services, as well as programs including the New Deaf Jobs Strategy to attack under- and unemployment among deaf Canadians.

The CAD is preparing to host the XIVth World Congress of the World Foundation of the Deaf. The event is to be held in Montreal, in July of 2003.

Canadian Association of the Deaf
251 Bank St., Suite 203
Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 1X3
Tel: (613) 565-2882
TTY: (613) 565-8882
Fax: (613) 565-1207
Email: cad@cad.ca
Web site: www.cad.ca