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Alberta Committee of Citizens with Disabilities (ACCD)

The Alberta Committee of Citizens with Disabilities was founded in 1973 to offer Albertans with disabilities a venue through which they could speak with a unified voice. The ACCD is Alberta’s only cross-disability organization run for and by people with disabilities.

The ACCD promotes equal access to all services, such as education, employment, housing and recreation. It conducts public education activities to promote awareness of the needs of the disabled community. It also provides an in-house reference library with disability-related materials, and access and referral services for people with disabilities.

707 Princeton Place
10339-124 St.
Edmonton, Alberta, T5N 3W1
Toll Free: 1-800-387-2514
Tel: (780) 488-9088
TTY: (780) 488-9090
Fax: (780) 488-3757
Email: accd@accd.net
Web site: www.accd.net