High School Transition

Transition Programs for Students with Disabilities


DiscoverAbility is a program offered by Toronto’s Bloorview MacMillan Children’s Centre. It comprises a variety of sessions and services designed to meet the educational transition and career planning needs of high school students with disabilities.

The program is developed and offered by a team comprised of Bloorview MacMillan School Authority’s community liaison teacher, an occupational therapist from the centre’s Community Outreach Recreation and Education (CORE) services, and partners in other community organizations. The activities offered aim to answer students’ questions about finding post-secondary programs that would best suit their interests and needs, making career choices, locating employment training programs, and determining appropriate accommodations. DiscoverAbility students identify and set their own goals, and are monitored for the first year of their transition to post-secondary school or to work.

Eligible students are: Ontario high school students with disabilities who are clients of the Bloorview MacMillan Centre or those willing to register with the Centre. Candidates must demonstrate an ability to set and work toward goals. The application process involves an orientation to the program, and a goal determination interview. For more information contact the DiscoverAbility team members:

Elaine Greenberg
Tel: (416) 425-6220 ext. 3205
Email: egreenberg@bloorviewmacmillan.on.ca

Carie Gall
Tel: (416) 425-6220 ext. 3206
Email: cgall@bloorviewmacmillan.on.ca

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