NEADS Conference 2000 - "Networking, Educating, Advocating: Delivering Success in the New Millennium"

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Photo of David Mulholland

David Mulholland, Assistant Professor, Landmark College

A brain injury survivor, David Mulholland is Director of Research for the Brain Injury Association of Vermont, serves on the Vermont Commission on Psychological Trauma, chairs the Local Advisory Board of the Brattleboro (Vermont) Community High School of Vermont, and has recently published "Hugging the Coast and More." Prior to his automobile accident in 1993 that resulted in his disability, David was Director of BioStatistics and Assistant Director of Emergency Medicine Research at Albany Medical College in Emergency Medicine. Having recently completed a Master's of Arts in Humanities, he is finishing a Ph. D. in Public Policy and Management at the Muskie Institute at the University of Southern Maine. The message that he brings to audiences in various countries is that "an important challenge to educational institutions in this new millennium is to understand that disability adds to a student's complexity; it does not redefine him or her. Students have as much the responsibility to demand programs that help them to be complete human beings according to their gender, race, ethnicity, etc., and disability, as well as institutions have their's to offer such assistance."

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