NEADS Conference 2000 - "Networking, Educating, Advocating: Delivering Success in the New Millennium"

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Photo of Tom Proszowski

Tom Proszowski, EO Diversity Manager, Human Resources Services, Scotiabank Group

As a student at the University of Western Ontario, Tom Proszowski studied engineering, business administration and social sciences. His broad field of interest and academic background has resulted in professional experiences as a counsellor, consultant, manager and entrepreneur.

Some of Tom's professional assignments included the management of rehabilitation services for the Canadian Paraplegic Association, the management of an employment agency for people with disabilities, working as a Training Consultant with the Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work, and with Jobs Ontario Training, he acted as a Project Consultant. At Bank of Montreal he held two management positions, as the National Manager, Initiatives for People with Disabilities, and as the manager of Occupational Health Services.

Tom joined Scotiabank in July of last year as the Executive Offices Diversity Manager and he is still there today.

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