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Students for Barrier Free Access (SBA)
ASL Social
Toronto, Ontario
August 23, 2022[0]=AT2iBTzNYae7rG2AqUkp47DBjPXKgV-R8ua67-0RBSSzRZwfVcMy5Bep4tMkYIouuayuqba-Pt3WIwHbKx-Ry1fESQzUy-wfLjhq-oNoFlQ-YRjupVIVn4xp_52y27kUNjuau1eyEAw-WlK4eS5bNJnCwwkITwNCpbXDV7zZR3ATLfDdYJyTeKC5DuZNhh-PHkk4kV9D5sWpQJe_Cr_esRr8vzn_Zo4z6w
Students for Barrier Free Access (SBA) will be hosting an ASL social this month. If you’ve thought about learning ASL, then this event is for you! Come join us to learn some American Sign Language (ASL), meet cool friends to practice with.
This is an event for anyone who is interested in learning or practicing their ASL skills. All skill levels are welcomed.
The event will be facilitated by Tamyka Bullen. Tamyka is an artist and performer. She will be returning to SBA to offer us an introduction to ASL.
Date: August 23, 2022
Time: 6:00-7:30pm EST
This event will be hosted on zoom. Event details will be sent out to registered participants closer to the date of the event.

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