NEADS and Canada Post Partnership Announcement

The National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS) is proud to announce a partnership with Canada Post that focuses on increasing access to education and the workforce for students with disabilities (undergraduate, graduate, college, and cégep). NEADS and Canada Post recognize the importance of meeting students with disabilities where they are on their post-secondary education and career path journeys. To support these objectives, our partnership includes two components:

(1) Canada Post Student Award
(2) Canada Post Internship

Canada Post Student Award

The Canada Post Student Award supports outstanding scholarship in higher education for persons with disabilities. The award recognizes contributions made to Canadian society through community development and knowledge sharing and will be given to a student who demonstrates leadership, innovation, respect and integrity in their research, studies and community involvement.

For the 2020 NEADS Student Awards Program, Canada Post will be providing an award valued at $10,000.  Canada Post will select a recipient from a short-list of applicants who applied to the 2020 program - no further action is required from applicants to be considered for the award.

Canada Post Internships:

The Canada Post Internships recognize the contributions that people with disabilities bring to the workforce. Canada Post values diversity, strong leadership, growth and development, and is committed to fostering a safe, equitable and caring workforce culture. Canada Post Internships will be offered to students with disabilities who demonstrate innovation in their studies and research and passion to bring their skills and talents to the workforce. Candidates from all disciplines will be considered.

Canada Post will offer internships to deserving students for Summer 2021 and Summer 2022 respectively. For the Summer 2021 internship, a short list of applicants from the 2020 program will be considered by Canada Post for up to two internship positions- no further action is required from applicants to be considered. A short-list of applicants from the 2021 NEADS Student Awards Program will be considered for the 2022 Canada Post Internship.  

A few words on our partnership:

“Canada Post is very excited for the opportunity to partner with NEADS to administer the Canada Post Award and Internships. We recognize that students with disabilities face additional barriers and costs in pursuing higher education and employment. Our partnership with NEADS will enable us to support access to education and the workforce by recognizing the outstanding academic achievements and contributions of students with disabilities. We look forward to working with NEADS to achieve our shared goals.”
 – Jeff Willbond, Canada Post Director of Accessibility

“We are honoured to partner with Canada Post to accelerate mutual goals of increasing access to education and the workforce for students with disabilities. The support we are offering is critical to helping students with disabilities navigate the current environment and persevere through this period of uncertainty. We look forward to working with Canada Post to build a more sustainable and accessible future.”
- Lauren Gravis, Director of the NEADS Student Awards Program

About the NEADS National Student Awards Program

Established in 2007, the NEADS National Student Awards Program encourages full access to post-secondary education for persons with disabilities, who often have greater barriers to participation in higher education, as well as extra costs because of their disabilities. The program administers four awards including the $3,000 value NEADS Student Awards, the $1,000 value Holly Bartlett Memorial Award, the $1,000 value Christine Nieder Memorial Award, as well as two Accessible Media Inc (AMI) – Robert Pearson Memorial Scholarship valued at $5000 each. To date, the NEADS Student Awards Program has delivered over $350,000 in student financial assistance.

For further information, please email:

Or you can call:  

Lauren Gravis,
Director of NEADS Student Awards Program,
National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS)
Rm. 514 Unicentre,
Carleton University Ottawa, Ontario,
K1S 5B6
tel. (613) 380-8065