CN Diversity Scholarships - Apply Now!

About the Program:

CN is proud to recognize and encourage educational excellence. Through its Diversity Scholarships, CN will offer grants to support the post-secondary education of women, persons with disabilities, visible minorities, military veterans and people of Aboriginal heritage in Canada. As part of this program, and to support its hiring needs, CN will sponsor these deserving, best-in-class students enrolled in programs relevant to CN’s core business. Selected students will be awarded a $3,000 scholarship, tenable for one academic year.

Am I Eligible?:

The following four criteria must ALL be met to be an eligible CN Diversity Scholarship applicant:
•     Women OR persons with disabilities OR visible minorities OR military veterans OR people of Aboriginal heritage in Canada.
•    Who are enrolled in a technical, undergraduate or graduate degree in of the following fields of study:
•    Civil Engineering
•    Electrical/Electronics/Telecommunications
•    Industrial Engineering
•    Environmental Engineering
•    Mechanical/Agricultural & Biological Engineering;
•    Railway Infrastructure Engineering (and all things Railroad specific)
•    Software Engineering studies Or Computer Sciences
•    Transportation & Logistics
Sales & Marketing
•    Business Administration/Marketing/Business Development
Human Resources, Aboriginal Studies & Law
•    Human Resources, Labour Relations
•    Aboriginal OR Native OR Indigenous Studies (including Native Law)
•    Law
Accounting and Finance
•    Accounting, Commerce and Finance
**Eligible educational institutions are Canadian educational institutions, or their affiliates, which have recognized degree-granting powers.**
•    Who are best-in-class (only those applicants who have obtained an average of 80% or above over the last three semesters of studies will be considered)
•    Who are interested in and available for a summer internship at CN in 2014

How Can I Apply?:

Submit your application to CN directly no later than December 31, 2013. When you do, make sure the following documents are also attached to your application :
•    Your resume
•    A reference letter endorsed by a community or academic leader
•    A copy of your most recent Academic Transcript
•    Your Plan of Study: In more or less 500 words, tell us about your educational goals and career plans. Be sure to talk about any community, family or school initiatives you may be involved in as well as personal challenges, and the importance of the CN Scholarship
•    Applicable proof of eligibility
o    Aboriginal status see accepted documents

Proof of heritage includes any of the following: copy of Indian status card; copy of Métis membership card; copy of Inuit beneficiary card; parent/grandparent heritage information and official document(s) showing your relationship to them (long-form birth certificate and/or baptismal records); letter of acknowledgement from First Nation, Métis association or Inuit agreement administrator.

When sending in long form birth certificate, please send in the long-form birth certificate that indicates the parent name that will reflect the parent name on the accompanying status card/Métis card/Inuit agreement.
o    Proof of veteran status: a copy of your Discharge Certificate.

How Does CN Select The Winners?:

The selection of our Diversity Scholarship winners is made by a committee formed by members of the Human Resources team and representatives of the applicable CN department, according to the applicant’s field of study.
CN’s Diversity Scholarship committee selects winners based on:
•    Their academic performance;
•    The quality of their Plan of Study;
•    The strength of the recommendation in the provided reference letter(s);
•    Opportunities available.
•    Applications submitted after December 31st, 2013 will not be considered.
•    The amount awarded for each scholarship is $3,000 CAD.
•    The CN Diversity Scholarships’ committee’s decisions relative to winner selection are irrevocable.
•    CN Diversity Scholarships are not renewable, however, students may reapply to the program each year they meet the eligibility requirements.

Apply online now: