COVID-19 Survey: Students for Barrier-free Access (SBA), University of Toronto

Dear SBA Community,

We hope that you are all having a good start to the winter semester.

We have created a survey to help us understand how students with disabilities are experiencing the online learning environment amidst the pandemic. We intend to use the responses from our survey to inform our future campaigns and programming, and we will potentially be using aggregate data with the UofT administration.

Anyone who is a student at the University of Toronto and identifies as a disabled person (including self-diagnosis) is eligible to complete our survey. This survey may take up to an hour to complete. You will be provided with a $20 President's Choice e-gift card for your participation.  Upon completing the survey, you will be prompted to click on a link that leads you to a separate form where we will collect your contact information in order to provide you with your gift card. This form is in no way linked to the survey. 

Please click on this link to complete the survey: 

If you have any access concerns, question, comments or other concerns, please email 

Thank you,

SBA Board and Staff

About Students For Barrier-free Acccess (SBA), University of Toronto

SBA is disability justice organization led by disabled and mad identified students. We advocate for the removal of barriers to accessing post-secondary education.