NEADS Community Engagement event on the MaRS-CIBC Inclusive Design Challenge with Tim Rose, Senior Manager, Inclusion and Diversity, CIBC

Friday June 11, 2021, 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. EST

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Topic: MaRS-CIBC Inclusive Design Challenge

The MaRS-CIBC Inclusive Design Challenge Aims to address barriers to employment for persons with disabilities through investing in innovative approaches and opportunities. This session will cover what the challenge is about, why we adopted this approach and why innovation is so critical in this area.

Speaker: Tim Rose, Senior Manager, Inclusion and Diversity, CIBC 

Tim Rose is a changemaker and business leader who was lucky enough to be born with a significant physical disability. Raised to push the envelope, Tim has always seen difference as an asset and has emphasized this approach throughout his life and career. He was fortunate to have two parents that believed disability was a true positive and taught him to use his voice as an effective tool for change.

Having lived, studied and worked on three continents, Tim grew up appreciating a range of perspectives on disability. He holds a Masters of Law in Human Rights with a focus on international disability policy, and has spoken at conferences from the US to the UK. From his early days as a University student activist, Tim has never been one to shy away from a tricky situation.

For the last ten years, Tim’s career has taken him to many different aspects of the disability community, including employment, advocacy and consulting. Since joining CIBC in 2017, Tim has been actively involved in helping the bank to advance the cause of accessibility across the enterprise for our clients, our team members and our community. After years in the nonprofit sector, Tim is privileged to have the opportunity to advocate for change within corporate Canada, and is excited to continue that journey.

Along the way, Tim is supported by his amazing wife Natalie, service dog Rush and an incredible family network that have always been there to encourage, laugh and put up with his wit.

Who Should Participate in the MaRS-CIBC Inclusive Design Challenge?

We’re looking for individuals, groups and organizations with a solution to make finding meaningful employment more accessible to persons with disabilities. We welcome solutions from people with lived experience across the disability spectrum, startups, non-profits, academics and students, private and public sector organizations and the general public.


Five winners will be awarded the following prizes:

    A first place prize of $50,000

    2 runner-up prizes of $20,000

    2 honourable mention prizes of $5,000

    In-kind support provided by MaRS and CIBC including access to scaling pathways and adoption-oriented activities.

Applications submitted online here by June 30, 2021.