The Government of Canada is hiring!

As part of the Government of Canada strategy for hiring for diversity and our commitment to hiring over 5000 persons with disabilities by 2025,  we are pleased to share with you two new recruitment inventories for persons with disabilities in the following fields:

Digital / Information technology

The Government of Canada has the largest technology operations in the country. Our work is fundamental to:

providing secure online access to services

ensuring Canadian values are included in the use of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies

unlocking the potential of open data

enabling the way to the digital age

Policy and Data Analysts

Policy and Data Careers in the public service are as varied as the number of departments and agencies in the Government of Canada. You could be:

conducting research, studies, forecasts and surveys

participating in consultations and exploring various models to support government priorities

developing policies on guiding government investment programs and economic development activities

developing, analyzing and interpreting qualitative and quantitative information and socio-economic policies and recommendations

Visit this web page to find out more about these and other opportunities available with the Government of Canada.  Please note that to be considered for these opportunities, you are required to self-declare as a person with a disability when you apply. 

Want to know more?  Email us to register for one of our information sessions where we will discuss how to apply, what to expect when applying and answer any questions you may have.  

Are you a student? Launch your career with a student job in the federal public service!  We offer a variety of jobs across the country in several fields.

We hope that you will consider the Government of Canada for your next career choice.

GC Recruitment Team

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