OPIRG & SBA Emergency Food Support Initiative Emergency Food Support Initiative

Students for Barrier Free Access (SBA) at the University of Toronto & OPIRG are pleased to announce the January round of our emergency food support initiative is now open. We have purchased a limited number of $50 gift cards for FoodShare Good Food Boxes for distribution. 

If you have already received gift cards through this program you are very welcome to apply again for this distribution. Please note that members are eligible to receive only 1 gift card per round of distribution. We encourage members to apply as soon as possible, as we anticipate that demand will exceed the number of gift cards available! 

The Good Food Box program delivers fresh produce to your door (contactless delivery is available, just include this request in your delivery instructions). The Good Food Box can be tailored according to your needs, with the option of larger and smaller boxes, as well as boxes with pre-cut items. 

In recognition of the fact that low-income, QT2SBIPOC, disabled and mad identified folks experience barriers to accessing fresh affordable food and are disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are prioritizing applications from folks identifying with these communities. 

As it stands, our governments are already cutting critical social protections, services, and programs at an alarming rate. We recognize that crises such as COVID-19 exacerbate an already-disastrous political environment in which large portions of our city’s residents continue to struggle with food insecurity. 

To apply for one of our $50 gift cards, fill out this form: 

Please do not apply more than once. Members are eligible to receive only 1 gift card per round of distribution.

Please fill out this form to provide feedback on the program: 


What is Foodshare? 

Foodshare is an organization that stands in firm solidarity with the communities we work alongside, and advocates with them for critical public support funding. We need housing benefits, increased social assistance rates and adequate income. We need bold policy interventions to build thriving communities.

For more information about foodshare:

See FoodShare’s recent letter to elected officials calling for the defunding of Toronto police and other steps toward transformational change and justice for our city’s most marginalized communities.

Foodshare’s Values and Beliefs:

Everyone has the right to good healthy food. All people should have access to affordable, healthy food that is fresh, attractive, nutritious, safe and free of contaminants.

Diversity is fundamental to our food system. Cultural, racial, linguistic, economic, religious, and social diversity within communities should be respected and reflected throughout the system.

Communities have the capacity to lead. By respecting the inherent strengths of communities and partnering with communities, we can realize the changes we seek.

Long-term, systemic solutions are needed. Realizing good food for all requires lasting changes throughout the food system, including in how food is produced, distributed and consumed.

Universal access benefits everyone. Universally accessible food initiatives in schools and communities are critical to realizing an equitable and inclusive food system.

Source: Students For Barrier Free Access (SBA), University of Toronto, newsletter, January 2022.