NEADS Celebrates Black History Month

The National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS) recognizes and celebrates the month of February as Black History Month. This month and always, NEADS commits to highlighting the contributions of black and racialized disabled leaders to the disability community, and to addressing all forms of systemic oppression in the work we do.

Too often, the contributions of black disabled individuals and the intersection between the systemically oppressive forces of racism and ableism are unacceptably disregarded, ignored, and erased. This Black History Month and always, let us challenge pervasive social attitudes and prejudice, address oppression and bigotry, and celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of black disabled individuals. While February is Black History Month, racism is not confined to the past - it is a current and pressing issue that must be central to the work we do in promoting disability rights and full participation in society.

In our work promoting full access to employment and education for post-secondary students, and in the disability community's work fighting for full and meaningful participation in society, we must embrace the intersectionality found in our communities, recognize it as our strength, and address the additional barriers faced by black, disabled individuals. We at NEADS are committed to ensuring our programs and resources embody the principles of intersectionality and empowerment, and to fostering spaces inclusive and accessible to all.

We invite our community to join us in celebrating Black History Month by learning of the countless accomplishments and contributions of black disabled individuals, and by critically reflecting on our country's past and present attitudes towards the black community. This month and always, we ask our community to commit to practicing anti-racism and meaningful allyship in all their communities and space, and engage in continuous learning of our country's past and present treatment of marginalized communities.

Carly Fox, NEADS Researcher and Communications Officer,

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