Grants and Bursaries for Students with Disabilities Survey by Students for Barrier Free Access, University of Toronto

Students for Barrier Free Access (SBA), University of Toronto would like to find out about students with disabilities' experiences in applying for grants and bursaries. The responses will be taken into consideration for our discussions on how to offer support for students with disabilities.

To fill out the survey:

Students for Barrier Free Access (SBA) at the University of Toronto is a student-led, volunteer-driven, non-profit which advocates for intersectional access, equity and inclusion. We advocate for disability justice and all of our programming and advocacy is shaped through this framework.

SBA holds free, skill-building workshops for members that build our community’s expertise, while also giving members the ability to learn skills transferable to many workplace settings. At this time, SBA is working to support members virtually, with movie nights, workshops, and a food-sharing program. On campus, we run a community drop-in center where members can enjoy a respectful, social, political and creative space.