Conference sessions posted 6th Annual Accessibility Conference - University of Guelph, May 27 - 28!

Conference sessions are now posted for the 6th Annual Accessibility Conference, which takes place at the University of Guelph from May 27th to May 28th. Join colleagues and attendees from across Canada for engaging, inspiring and action-oriented sessions on document, media, teaching, web and workplace accessibility. Visit the website

Sessions include:
- 10 quick tests to enhance your website's accessibility
- Improving Your MS Word Docs and Power Points for Accessibility
- Promoting Universal Design: Regulations, Knowledge and Advocacy

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Conference Schedule

Monday, May 26 - Workshops
Tuesday and Wednesday, May 27 and 28 - Accessibility Conference
Tuesday Evening Social at the 'Ring
Tuesday Evening A11yCamp - Participant driven event on software and web accessibility. Visit the website:
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Visit the conference website
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