FACE-TO-Face: Career Exploration for People With Disabilities in Manitoba

FACE-TO-FACE will give people with disabilities in Manitoba, 16 and older, a chance to meet with employers and learn more about different types of jobs that interest them. FACE-TO-FACE will also give employers a chance to meet people with disabilities and learn how workers with disabilities can help their businesses succeed. Sessions can range from one to two hour one-on-one sessions, to a full morning or afternoon and, depending on the employer, may include information sharing interviews, workplace tours, hands-on activities, presentations or other experiences.

Please help us to ensure the success of FACE-TO-FACE: CAREER EXPLORATION FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES, 2014 by submitting the Expression of Interest form at:

This program has been developed for Disability Employment Awareness Month, which is October in the province of Manitoba.

If you need help filing out the form, we would be happy to assist you. Are you looking for information about dierent jobs, work, industries etc.? Come and join us! For more information or if you have any questions, please contact (204) 487-0307 or email

Disabilities Issues Office, Finance, Province of Manitoba

630 -240 Graham Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 0J7

tel. 204-945-7613