31st Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference California State University, Northridge March 21-26, 2016 General Call for Papers

Overview of General Call for Papers

The 31st Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference, also known as the CSUN Conference, invites submissions of papers for this conference to be held March 21-26, 2016 at the San Diego Manchester Grand Hyatt hotel. The CSUN conference is the world’s longest-running and largest conference of its kind on the topic of assistive technology and the positive impact on persons with disabilities. The conference draws more than 4,500 persons annually who attend sessions, visit the exhibit halls, and participate in affiliate meetings and informal gatherings.

A wide variety of submissions are encouraged in the topic areas outlined below. The list is suggestive of the types of papers for consideration, but by no means restrictive to these specific areas. Reviewers will be looking for papers in the general domains of new concepts concerning hardware and software, adaptive devices, access to technology, training programs, results of research, and overall best-practices in any area of assistive technology.

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The conference strives to present a best-practices approach for the education of students, professionals and consumers involved with the many aspects of technology and disability. Your experience, gained through practical applications and/or research, is vital to the promotion of effective assistive technology practices on a widespread basis.

General Session presentations are 40 minutes in length and are scheduled for Wednesday, March 23, Thursday, March, 24, and Friday, March 25, 2016. By submitting a paper for consideration, author(s) agree that their paper may be scheduled at any time, on any of these days, at the discretion of the conference management.

Submissions are due by Friday, September 25, 2015.

Procedures & Instructions

Please be sure you have completely reviewed this document and agree with all statements before beginning the submission process.

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About Us

California State University, Northridge has a long and impressive history of involvement in many different aspects of disability. This history extends back to 1961, preceding Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. In 1983, the university officially approved the creation of the Center on Disabilities (COD), which has been growing and expanding since that time.

Annual International Conference on Technology and Persons with Disabilities

COD advanced to the stage of conducting the longest-running and largest annual university-sponsored conference on technology and people with disabilities. This annual conference serves as a major training venue for professionals around the world involved in the fields of disability and technology.

The COD promotes the valuable role assistive technology can play in the accommodating people with disabilities in all environments, including education, employment and independent living. The center's international conference, "Technology and Persons with Disabilities," serves as a venue for providing effective and quality educational opportunities to everyone involved in the field of disability services.

Annual International Conference on Technology and Persons with Disabilities began with modest roots. It was started by a group of educational professionals interested in pursuing the possible application of technology to the needs of people with a variety of disabilities. No one could have predicted the extraordinary growth and expansion the conference would experience as a result of increasing professional interest in the field of disability and introduction of new technologies with possible disability applications skyrocketed.

Over the years, the conference has grown to approximately 5,000 participants with presenters and exhibitors sharing technology devices, services and programs. Participants have represented all 50 states, numerous territories and more than 35 foreign countries. The conference attests to the perception that disability is an international issue. The widespread application of assistive technology forms a common basis for the delivery of accommodation services to people with disabilities on a worldwide basis. The conference serves as an annual meeting venue for many organizations involved in the delivery of assistive technology services to special populations throughout the world.

The conference continues to excel at communicating the rapid changes in technology and is recognized for presenting the latest trends and research in the field of disability.