New College Student Voice Project - University of Toronto

The Student Voice Project (SVP) is a 3 day Alternative Reading Week program focusing on art and mental health. It takes place the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of Reading Week. (February 21-23) and is free of cost and includes meals.

The SVP program partners with community health organizations, the University of Toronto mental health program staff, and students interested in talking about mental health to critically engage with issues of mental health on campus. Over the 3 day project, students will learn from mental health professionals and activists, share lived experiences, discuss mental health issues and realities on campus, and work with artists to create a written or spoken word poetry piece, a visual art piece or a zine.

SVP is run out of the New College Office of Student Life and Leadership (SLL) in collaboration with U of T Health and Wellness.

Applications Due January 25th

Event: February 21st , 22nd , 23rd

Project website: