Mental Health Awareness Committee (MHAC) at Queen's University is hiring!

The Mental Health Awareness Committee (MHAC) at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario is hiring Co-chairs, committee members and volunteers for next year!!  For a description of co-chair roles, information on the different subcommittees within MHAC that each committee member leads (in groups of 2) and a description of the volunteer roles feel free to email if you have any questions!


The Mental Health Awareness Committee is a student group dedicated to raising awareness about mental illness and reducing the stigma that has become ingrained in the discussion of mental health, primarily through contact-based education. MHAC acts to provide information about resources both on and off campus to students. MHAC strives to be anti-oppressive and non-judgemental, and works to educate around the intersection of mental illness and mental health with other facets of oppression and identity.


The Mental Health Awareness Committee works to heighten students' awareness of and sensitivity toward mental health issues. It aims to eliminate the stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness in the Queen's community.

Contact Info:

Social Issues Commission
of the Alma Mater Society

Alma Mater Society
John Deutsch University Centre
Queen's University
Kingston, ON K7L 3N6

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