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Can the guidance counsellor at my high school help me choose a college or university that will accommodate my disability and still have the quality of programs in the field I wish to pursue?

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Deaf and Hear Alberta Tom Pinder Education Scholarship

Deaf & Hear Alberta established the Tom Pinder Education Scholarship in 2014 thanks to our long-time and generous supporter, Tom Pinder. The scholarship provides financial support to post-secondary students or adult learners who are Deaf, hard of hearing, or cochlear implant users who want to go to school in a chosen course or program at a school that is accredited.

• Applicants are Deaf, hard of hearing, or a cochlear implant user
• Applicants must use the scholarship towards an eligible educational program
(please review the list of eligible programs on the information page)
• Applicants must be in need of financial support which is determined by referral from a qualified agency or successful application for financial support (provided by our agency)
• Applicants must be residents of Alberta and at least 18 years of age

• The 2018 scholarship will be presented at the Deaf & Hear Alberta Annual General Meeting on Thursday, June 21, 2018.
• You must be present at the meeting to receive the award.
• A confirmation of enrollment must be provided to Deaf & Hear Alberta before any scholarship funds are awarded.
• Scholarship dollars are paid directly to the learner upon submission of original receipt(s) from the educational institution.
• The Scholarship must be used within one year of award date.

1. Complete and sign the application form.
2. Attach proof of financial need.
3. Include two original and signed letters of reference.

Please submit your application to:
Tom Pinder Education Scholarship
Deaf & Hear Alberta
Attention: Kara Garner
Via mail: 63 Cornell Road NW, Calgary AB T2L 0L4
Via email:
Via fax: 403-284-6216


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