Disabled Student Leaders From Maccess (McMaster University) and York University Federation of Students Access Centre interviewed on AMI The Pulse on Devastating Impact of Ontario Government Cuts

Leaders of two university disabled students' associations from McMaster University in Hamilton and York University in Toronto were interviewed on the AMI Audio program The Pulse on Monday, March 4th about recent cuts and changes to post-secondary funding and services in Ontario. Hilary Zorgdrager is the Coordinator of Maccess at McMaster University and Kat Kahnert-Wolchak is the Co-coordinator of the York Federation of Students Access Centre. They explained the significant, negative impact of the Ontario government's new policies regarding available grants and loans through the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) and the government's "opt-in" approach to ancillary fees, the so-called "Student Choice" initiative, that supports Students' Unions/Associations.

Kat and Hilary stressed that these cuts/changes will have devastating consequences for thousands of Ontario college and university students with disabilities. Importantly, we learned from Hilary and Kat of the array of outstanding peer support services and innovative programming these centres, run by students with disabilities for students with  disabilities, offer. These centres and other peer-support centres, services,  newspapers, radio stations and student run businesses -- supported by Students' Unions -- provide essential services and/or advocacy on post-secondary campuses plus fantastic employment and volunteer opportunities for disabled students, not available through post-secondary administrations. This excellent, informative interview was conducted by Joeita Gupta for AMI. The episode is now available as a Podcast so you can listen online anytime:

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