Loi canadienne sur l’accessibilité: possibilités de nomination par le gouverneur en conseil (anticipatoire) / Accessible Canada Act: Governor in Council Appointment Opportunities (anticipatory)


I am writing to inform you of five Notices of Opportunities for anticipatory Governor in Council appointments that may be of interest to you or those in your network. These positions relate to the Government of Canada’s proposed Accessible Canada Act (Bill C-81). Please share this e-mail with people within your organization or in your broader network who may be interested in these opportunities.

The first four appointment opportunities are for positions within the new Canadian Accessibility Standards Development Organization (CASDO), Canada’s first-ever standards development organization exclusively dedicated to accessibility standards. These positions include the Chief Executive Officer of CASDO, as well as positions on the Board of Directors: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Board Member. The Board of Directors may have up to 11 members, including the Chair and Vice-Chair. There are a number of eligibility factors related to persons who may be appointed to the CASDO Board, as specified in the proposed Act. For example, the majority of directors are to be people with disabilities, in line with the purpose of the Act: the realization of a Canada without barriers. You can find the CASDO Notices of Opportunities at the following links:

Canadian Accessibility Standards Development Organization (Anticipatory) - Chief Executive Officer

Canadian Accessibility Standards Development Organization (Anticipatory) - Chairperson

Canadian Accessibility Standards Development Organization (Anticipatory) - Vice Chairperson

Canadian Accessibility Standards Development Organization (Anticipatory) - Board Member

The fifth appointment opportunity is for the position of Chief Accessibility Officer, a full-time special advisor to the Minister responsible for Accessibility. You can find this Notice of Opportunity at the following link:

Office of the Chief Accessibility Officer

If you wish to apply for any of these positions or have questions about them, please refer to the above links.

I encourage you to follow our social media platforms (Twitter: @AccessibleGC, Facebook: Accessible Canada and LinkedIn: Emploi et Développement social Canada/Employment and Social Development Canada) and share content related to the appointment process on your social media platforms.

Finally, if you wish to find out more about the proposed Accessible Canada Act, follow this link: Bill C-81 - An Act to ensure a barrier-free Canada.


James van Raalte,
Director General
Accessibility Secretariat