Work-Able Internships For Graduates With Disabilities in The British Columbia Public Service

Reminding you that the educational requirements for the 2019/20 Work-Able Graduate Internship Program has expanded. Applicants who have a two year Diploma or an Associate’s degree are now eligible to apply. Work-Able still accepts applicants with a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate degree.

This year, Work-Able is pleased to offer an increase of Internships from 15 to 21.

The expanded eligibility criteria and the 6 additional internships will allow more applicants who meet the eligibility criteria to:

Attend an information session on how to successfully apply for internships
Practice competency based interviewing
Receive coaching and feedback throughout the recruitment process
Secure an internship

Please note: Not everybody that applies will secure an internship, however it is a unique chance to increase knowledge and develop skills on how to be successful in any government hiring competition.

Please share this exciting opportunity with your networks: Work-Able Job Posting

The posting is open till April 30th.

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