CJDS Twitter Chat - Disability in Post-Secondary Classrooms Public Hosted by The Canadian Journal of Disability Studies

Are you a faculty member, instructor, or Teaching Assistant at a post-secondary institution? What education have you received around accommodations for disabled students? You may have received some instruction on your institution’s duty to accommodate policy, but chances are that understanding the barriers disabled undergraduate and graduate students encounter in their programs has not been a critical focus of your pedagogical training.   

Relatedly, are you a graduate student, instructor, or faculty member with disabilities? What are your experiences with accommodations?  What do you want post-secondary educators to know about being disabled?

Utilizing Twitter because of its ability to unite people over different geographies and time zones, in addition to the ways the platform has been employed as an activist tool amongst disabled peoples, the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies is hosting a Twitter chat on disability in postsecondary classrooms on Thursday January 9th from 7:45pm-8:45pm ET. Using the chat hashtag #CJDSChat, participants will be entering into a guided discussion on the way disability impacts students in higher education.

Moderated by Danielle Lorenz, the Knowledge Mobilization Editor of the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, and PhD candidate in the Department of Educational Policy Studies at the University of Alberta, the chat will ask participants to consider what they think they know about disability in post-secondary settings.

Send an RSVP tweet to @TheCJDS – and don’t forget the #CJDSChat hashtag!