Chloée Godin-Jacques, NEADS Ontario Director Wins Top Prize In Kingston Dunin-Deshpande Winter Pitch Competition

Congratulations to Chloée Godin-Jacques, NEADS Ontario Director, Queen's University graduate student, for winning the top prize of $7,500 in the Kingston Dunin-Deshpande Winter Pitch Competition for her accessibility consultancy business! We are so proud of you Chloée!

Winter Pitch Competition Results 

Kingston area start-ups competed for early stage seed funding to kick-start their ventures

The Dunin-Deshpande Winter Pitch Competition took place on January 22nd and 23rd, 2020 inviting finalists to pitch for sums of non-dilutive, non-repayable funding up to $10,000.

Of the eight teams awarded it was a graduate student-led consultancy that took home the top prize of $7,500. Since starting her Master's in Cultural Studies with a focus on international disability and accessibility policies, Chloée Godin-Jacques has launched her own business to help organizations audit their accessibility practices and shift the way they think about accessibility to move beyond policy. Her model will involve training new facilitators around the world to run their own workshops so the impact can scale.

“Our goal is to explore best practices, strategies and tools used in different contexts; which will ultimately measure the possibility of developing in-person training modules so that disabled persons can then create and facilitate their own workshops,” said Godin-Jacques. “We are enthused about the opportunity to expand our existing services and embark on this new journey."

Female founders shone in the competition as the winners of the top three prizes were female-founded companies, including a carbon management software for businesses and the first co-living space in Kingston to address the housing shortage.


Chloée Catherine Consulting, $7500

Founded by Chloée Godin-Jacques

Chloée Catherine Consulting aims to dismantle dominant preconceptions of accessibility and disability through the means of package offerings that include resource creating, space auditing, and workshop facilitating.

Inhabit Co-living, $5,000

Founded by Alison Franchetto

Inhabit Co-Living is a flexible shared living space for young professionals, transient students and travelers that is affordable and creates a sense of community while addressing the housing and accommodation crisis in Kingston and other similar cities.

Netzero, $5,000                             

Founded by Nora Lobb and Jenny Bunning

netzero is creating a carbon management software that allows businesses to track their emissions reduction, understand their cost savings, and power a workplace sustainability program.

Lifeluxe, $4,000

Founded by Jesse Mastrangelo and Zoe Mitz

LifeLuxe helps senior living communities deliver exceptional wellness programming by replacing old, outdated excel workflows with a state of the art web app that improves efficiency, event management, and recreation planning.

BranchCare, $2,000

Founded by John Marshall and Matt Tigwell

BranchCare is a managed marketplace for in-home eldercare. Our platform makes finding and managing independent in-home eldercare a simple, safe and connected experience for families.

OpBox, $2,000

Founded by Nick Jones and Chris Jones

Opbox is an affordable, aesthetic, one-stop solution for the indoor home growing of Cannabis. Our grow boxes give users the ability to grow a plant from seed to harvest, without breaking the bank.

AIM Colours, $1,000

Founded by Isabela Dominguez Huerta and Alejandra Dominguez Huerta

AIM Colours provides real time colour changing e-nails, enabling customers to change their nails multiple times per day and help them be ready for any occasion within seconds.

Journée, $500

Founded by Casandra Choi

Journée is a venture that sells customized crystal bracelets & palm stone bundles to promote the idea of achieving wellness and balance via crystals healing and meditation.

Source: Queen's University Innovation Centre: