Faculty Awareness and Training in the Post-Secondary Community: An Annotated Bibliography

Camosun College

Victoria, British Columbia

Guidelines for Teaching Students with Disabilities (1994)


The faculty guidebook stresses the importance of always respecting students by asking if they need assistance. This allows for proper accommodations to be provided, but at the same time allows students their right to independence. Institutional supports available at Camosun College are found in the introduction. The author then explains the general language rules that are appropriate when referring to students with disabilities. The importance of altering curriculum for students with disabilities is addressed at the beginning of this guide. The author explains that altering teaching methods and testing procedures will not compromise the academic integrity of the course curriculum.

The largest section of the manuscript focuses separately on each disability type. The author offers two to three pages of information on each disability. Each section advises professors on the following topics related to disabled students:

  • conversation with students regarding accommodations
  • teaching considerations
  • interpreters
  • presentations
  • note-takers
  • examinations
  • breaks
  • films or videos
  • field work and instructors

The disabilities covered in the guidebook are as follows:

  • visual impairments
  • deaf or hard of hearing
  • mobility impairment
  • hidden disabilities
  • learning disabilities
  • head injuries
  • neurological disabilities
  • mental health disabilities
  • developmental disabilities

Guidelines for Teaching Students with Disabilities was developed by Carrie Smith for The B.C. Educational Association of Disabled Students, with funding from The Centre for Curriculum and Professional Development and the Province of British Columbia, Ministry of Skills, Training and Labour.

Disability Support Services


This pamphlet discusses who is eligible for services at Camosun College, which specialized services are available and how to apply for assistance. Contact information for the centre is presented at the back of the pamphlet.

Memorandum Disability Support Services

Copy of the letter sent to each professor at Camosun College

Camosun College
Disability Support Services
From: Susan McArthur, Coordinator, Disability Support Services,
Ewing 202, Local 3325
Re: Notification

This is to inform you that __________, a student with a ______________ disability is registered in your __________________ course for the ______________ term/semester.

Based on documentation on file at Disability Support Services our department will be providing the following support services to this student:

Our office is available to provide information and assistance to better understand, support and/or accommodate this student in your course.
Please contact me if you require further detail or information.
__ see attached information on disability

Disability Support Services Signature

Student Signature

c.c. Department Coordinator

Susan McArthur
Coordinator, Disability Support Services
Camosun College
Lansdowne Campus
3100 Foul Bay Road
Victoria, British Columbia
V8P 5J2
Phone: 250-370-3325
Fax: 250-370-3291
TTY: 250-370-3311