Access to Success: A Guide for Employers


This employers’ guide has been developed by the National Educational Association of Disabled Students, with funding support from the Government of Canada through the Youth Initiatives Directorate. It is a product of a highly successful Student Leadership and Employment Forums Project. The guide features articles written by a number of contributors representing national employers and non-governmental organizations. Additional materials — including student/graduate profiles — were written by Neil Faba, Frank Smith, Steve Estey, Jennison Asuncion and Chris Gaulin. Images presented in the guide are from presentations and group discussions at forums held across Canada. The book was prepared for publication by ALDI Design.

We would like to offer special thanks to members of the NEADS Board of Directors for ongoing support and guidance. For further information on this project and other initiatives of the organization please contact:

National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS)
Rm. 426 Unicentre, Carleton University
Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 5B6
Tel: (613) 526-8008
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This project is funded by the Government of Canada.

The opinions and interpretations in this publication are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Government of Canada.