Enhancing Accessibility in Post-Secondary Education Institutions


Accommodations for students with disabilities should start in the admissions process. The following best practices have helped PSE institutions provide accessible services to prospective students with disabilities.

  • Encourage students with disabilities to self-identify so that their disability can be taken into consideration during the admission process as self-identification can initiate early access to accommodation services. Self-identification entails indicating that there is a disability that requires supports. Further details and any required documentation, can be provided to the disability services centre for acquriing appropriate accommodations.
  • Ensure that detailed, accessible information is available through the admissions office or the registrar regarding services available for students with disabilities, as these are often the first points of contact.
  • Work with secondary schools to provide students with information on the services available for students with disabilities during the admission process.
  • If a program requires a submission of previous work (such as a portfolio), an admission interview or a test, accommodations may be necessary during these processes. For example, individuals may wish to submit a portfolio in an alternate format or may require interpreter services for an admission interview or a scribe for testing. Provide clear instructions on how to request these accommodations.

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